As the most popular centralized cryptocurrency exchange, KuCoin has over 20 million users and over $1.2 trillion in trading volume.


    KuCoin offers one of the largest listings of cryptocurrencies and provides some of the lowest fees across competing exchanges.


    Between the powerful trading platform, passive income opportunities, and platform rewards, KuCoin has established a wealth of tools needed to make the most out of crypto.


    KuCoin Features

    KuCoin has succeeded as a cryptocurrency exchange due to its extensive offering of features throughout its platform.


    Fiat On-Ramp Options: KuCoin provides multiple options for users to deposit fiat currency onto their platform. Users can deposit assets through credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, ACH transfers, and wire transfers.


    Advanced Trading Tools: The KuCoin trading interface is comprehensive. The spot, margin, and futures trading capabilities are powerful enough for experienced traders, while the intuitive Convert feature and mobile application make trading easy for beginners.


    KuCoin Shares Token (KCS): The KuCoin native KuCoin Shares token (KCS) was introduced to provide additional incentives to platform users. Those that hold at least 6 KCS are eligible to earn 50 percent of the platform trading fees as a daily dividend. Holders are also granted trading fee discounts of up to 20 percent.


    Yield Generating Strategies: Trading cryptocurrencies is not the only way to financially capitalize on the platform, as KuCoin has several features that investors can utilize to capture additional yield on their cryptos, such as staking, lending, and mining capabilities.


    KuCoin Wallet: In order to bolster the KuCoin ecosystem and platform offerings, KuCoin designed the KuCoin Wallet for users to manage their digital assets. With a multi-chain aggregated token display, NFT storage, and Hacken audited security infrastructure, the KuCoin Wallet offers a viable solution to the self-custody of digital assets.


    KuCoin Prices & Withdrawal Fees

    KuCoin offers some of the lowest fees in the ecosystem, giving it a major advantage over other centralized exchanges.

    Trading fees on the platform are structured such that the fee amount decreases as an individual’s trading volume increases. It is also important to note that fees paid via the Kucoin Shares (KCS) token receive a 20 percent discount.

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